Today means my favorite day of the year- website launch!!! This isn't just a website launch; it's a celebration- a milestone. I've dreamed of a home base that resembled my personality since I started my business, and finally, it's HERE. After WEEKS of going back and fourth on design, logo, layout, and overall branding, it's finally live!! and I'm so excited because this means Natalie Jayne photography finally has a website again (few.).  The truth is that I can be quite the perfectionist and felt that until my work was where I "wanted it to be," that I couldn't figure out my "ideal brand," however; There is not such thing is perfect. I'm so happy that I finally made the leap update my website! To celebrate I'm doing a HUGE giveaway....

I"M GIVING AWAY AN ANNIVERSARY SESSION!! This giveaway is a little-hidden secret for those of you reading this and have visited my blog, the official blog to announce the giveaway is coming, so make sure to make to be one of the first to join the giveaway! The first 15 people to join the giveaway will be rewarded a little "gift" even if they don't win ;) stay tuned to find out more

J O I N   T H E   W E B S I T E    L A U N C H


So how do you join?? Right HERE! The winner will be announced on September 5th!!

Lastly, Without the people and decisions along the way, I wouldn't be where I am, and I wouldn't have this new beautiful brand!! I want to thank a few people:

To Tyler, my friends, and family: Thank you for supporting me even though my schedule means sometimes missing out on things with you. I have to "pencil you into my calendar" (no, really. This actually happens), and you still wait for me to have free time no matter what. I'm so grateful for your patience and understanding. I couldn't be where I am today without you.