Joyful summer engagement session | Lauren and Jono


As kids, we went to church together in Bowling Green, VA.  We both went to Caroline High School, but didn't actually attend at the same time.  After high school, he went on to play baseball at Bridgewater College then professionally for the Rockford Riverhawks in Illinois.  Around the same time he was playing pro ball, I started my college softball career at UVA. 

During my breaks in college, I would come home and take batting practice with him in his dad's shed.  During my fourth year at UVA, Jono decided to end his professional career and become a baseball hitting instructor in Charlottesville.  At the time I was going through a hitting slump, so caught him after his lessons one night for hitting advice. 

The next week, he came to my last home game against Virginia Tech that aired on ESPNU.  I was an absolute nervous wreck NOT because I was on national television, but because he was there to watch me play!  By some stroke of luck (or great hitting tips from him) I ended up hitting a game winning single down the first base line that scored two runs!  At that point, we were still in the friend zone, but neither of us could shake the feeling we felt when we were together especially at that game, so right after graduation, we decided why not?! and went for it!   

One night after his hitting lessons at The Baseball Company in Charlottesville, we blasted country music over the speakers and spent all night dancing, talking, and hitting baseballs to each other.  He hit me ground balls for over an hour and sang "give it all we got tonight" by George Strait to me.  That was all it took for me to know that he was the one.  Three years later, and he still hits me a bucket of ground balls every now and then.  Every time, I get butterflies thinking of that first night!

Back in September, we went to a Sam Hunt concert in Virginia Beach and ended up making a weekend of it.  Friday night, he told me he wanted to get up early the next day to play paddle ball on the beach before the beach goers got there. 

We are SERIOUS about our paddle ball (actually we're serious about all of our sports).  The next morning, we went to breakfast and decided to walk along the beach on the way back to the hotel to get our paddle ball set.  The next thing I knew, he literally threw a ring box at me!  Of course I said yes!  He absolutely melted my heart when he told me that he asked both my parents and my brother for my hand in marriage.  Our families are so important to us and we cannot wait to start one of our own.


 He makes everything more fun and constantly goes out of his way to make me laugh.  Jono to me is proof that all of the love cliches are real.  Marry your best friend, love comes at the most unexpected times, trust your gut, everything happens for a reason, and when you know, you know. 

Together, we are such a good team.

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