"Where do I even begin. First off my name is Alexis, and my soon to be husband and I are using Natalie’s photography business for all things wedding related with our photographs. I first reached out to Natalie for photos through Facebook, and she was very open and flexible. I am a photographer myself, so I can appreciate her creativity that much more! She did not shy away from sharing her ideas, as well as asking me and Beau for ideas of our own and what we would like to portray in our photographs. When the day came to meet with her she was very prompt and very ready to share her ideas and begin our shoot. My fiancé is a Marine and can sometimes be a tad up tight when it comes to photography. However, Natalie worked great with both of us and talked us through every pose, every step of the way. We did a sunset shoot where she guaranteed us at least 50 pictures, yet we ended up with way more than such, with beautiful quality and different poses. Natalie was amazing to work with. Her professionalism made for comfort and many laughs during our photo shoot, and she had our pictures edited and finished by the next day. I am beyond ecstatic to continue business with her in June when she takes the photos for our wedding. I would recommend Natalie to ANYONE who is looking for a well rounded, professional, easy going, optimistic, hard worker like herself!"