Emily & Tian Georgetown Engagement Session

I am so excited today because Emily and Tian’s engagement session is on the blog today! I have never been to Georgetown before, and I have always wanted to try Georgetown Cupcakes ever since they were on Cupcake Wars! Emily and Tian brought my cupcake dreams to life, and I had the best cupcake on EARTH. (next to my sweet friend Amanda from sorry sweets, hers are heavenly) If anyone is going anytime soon get the red velvet, you won't regret it. 

Tian and Emily showed me around the campus in Georgetown (which was GIANT) and told me stories about their dating life. We walked past a coffee shop, and I could see the flashbacks in their eyes, It was so adorable to see them go right back to where it first started.

 I loved getting to ask my new favorite question “what are you most excited for one you are married?” Emily gave me the sweetest answer “I just can’t wait to be together” I can’t help but almost tear up thinking about how relatable that is to Tyler and me. My love language is time and being together is all I care about. So I totally fell in love with her answer and realized that’s what I am most excited for too! 


The Love Story:

"Tian and I first met when we lived on the same freshman dorm floor at Georgetown University. It was designated the "quiet floor," which meant that quiet hours were enforced from 9pm onward.  It was funny that we met there since only Tian had signed up to be on the floor!  


That was 8 years ago, and I always think about how serendipitous it was that I met him that way!  


Our relationship throughout college was very tumultuous, and there were periods where we needed grow on our own alone. But at the end of senior year we reconciled over coffee, 

and decided to start our relationship again with more wisdom than before.  


That semester we decided to walk together spiritually, and attended bible study and church together.  After we graduated, we took a leap of faith and took our relationship long-distance between Baltimore and NYC.  

We did a lot of growing as a couple during those 4 years of long-distance. 


We FaceTimed every day, and visited each other by train in between my exams.  It was extremely difficult especially in the first years of long-distance - I would cry every time I left! 


Those 4 years felt like a series of hellos and goodbyes.  Through it all, I feel like we developed a really deep friendship.  That he's not only the love of my life, but actually my best friend too


Just like how we met and reconciled, our proposal story is serendipitous too.

He intended to propose to me at my favorite NYC park in early fall, when the weather was still nice.  However, that month I had a really tough school schedule, and he had to push the proposal to the next month.  Even more, during the weekend of the proposal, Hurricane Joaquin was touching ground, I had pink eye, and I almost missed the train to NYC!  So the day before the proposal, Tian and his friend decided to go into the mall next to the park, 

and it was nothing short of a miracle. 


The mall was having a fashion promotional campaign complete with red carpet, Calvin Klein models, and a professional photographer!  The promoters were extremely accommodating to let Tian propose at their event the next evening! 


 The proposal was magical.


Tian led me through 6 stations that had a friend holding roses and a personal card for me.  As I read through the cards, and realized even my family was in on the proposal, 

I felt so loved.  


Then we went to the red carpet, and he proposed to me in front of crowds of people (and models too haha).  It was an amazing night for the both of us



What I am excited about most, is to just be together. 


One of the things I find most special about Tian, is that he always wants to be together, even during the small moments.  For example, when I need to grab something quick at the grocery store, he will always park the car and come down with me.  


Or when there is ever a small moment to hold hands, he will reach for my hand.  



Our long-distance relationship has really taught us to cherish all the moments we have together in life, no matter how small. 


 I cannot wait to finally start a life together with the love of my life, and best friend."


Emily and Tian,

You two are MADE for one another! I had so much fun exploring Georgetown for the first time with you both! I absolutely LOVED getting to know you during your session, I can't wait until your big day!! 

Thank You So Much For Reading And I Can't Wait To Have You Back!

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