Mini-Guide's for Photographers- Shop Launch

When I first started my business, I was itching to learn everything I could about not only the technical side of photography, but the client based side. Not to mention the artistic side to photography. I read blogs, practiced, and eventually after over a year of learning tips and tricks, I made these guides to hopefully help someone maybe looking for the same information! These guides are made to be easy to review before any shoot, and teach you a new trick or two!

Mostly, Felt like I needed help with what to bring to a wedding, how to pose, or even as simple as how to set up my camera and what all the settings even meant! I created 7 guides short mini guides to give you tips on all of the things below!

During my mentoring sessions, these are some of the questions that I get asked most frequently! These 1 page quick go-to mini-guides are great to read before a photo session to get you in the right mind set before a session!

  • Do you ever feel like you are forgetting something after you pack for your wedding? This is MY PERSONAL 2015 PACKING LIST that I use for wedding days, and It has been a game changer! I can say it's better to be safe than sorry on these items. One page packing list full of equipment items to just in case items, great to print out and go over and check off the night before you pack and the day of packing! great to add on your own personal items to this list to help you create your own!


  • Easy explanations of how to use the "camera basics" that every photographer should get the hang of when they first pick up their camera! (Shutter speed, ISO, Aperture, and white balance) Great to recap your technical skills on how ISO, shutter speed, and Aperture interact. Also covers white balance basics. 


  • Have trouble knowing what to say or how to start a photo session off on the right foot? 5 tips on what to do during the warm up portion of your clients session to help create a great experience for both the photographer and the client! 



  • Photography is not only a job, but an art! You should always be pushing your "creative eye".  5 tips on what you can do to "mix it up" during your session to get more unique shots!


  • Find yourself viewing Pintrest before a photo session? That was ME only a year ago! Sometimes over thinking posing during a photo session can cause the session to become...too "posy" and repetitive, 3 SIMPLE tips on how to get more natural photographs (and get you off of Pintrest!)


  • We want our clients to have the best experience possible and feel AMAZING during our session! Client are connected to the moment the photo as taken, just like we are! Boost your client experience by reminding them how amazing they are, but "you are beautiful" can only get you so far during a shoot! Here are 5 ways to make them feel even better during your photo shoot!


  • Interacting with your clients starts at the first email and every part of the communication process is part of the client experience! Here are 4 things you can do when interacting with them to give your clients a better experience during their time with you!


  • Includes Wedding Day Packing List for Wedding Photographers, Camera Basics, Tips on How to Start a Session, Achieving More Creative Portraits, Staying Away From Static Posing, Making Your Client Feel Beautiful, and Client Interaction