"My Biggest suggestion for your big day"

Hey Friends!! I'm so excited to share My sweet Friend Karen from Cakes in Art on the blog today sharing her biggest tip for your big day! I met Karen when I was about 13, I was friends with her daughter in middle school and now we work together on fun styled shoots and blog posts!

Karen is a wonderful cake artist and I'm so glad to call her a friend!!

karen cakes in art

Well, I confess, this will be my first experience jumping into the blog-o -sphere! My name is Karen, and I am the owner of Cakes in Art, I graduated from the The Culinary Institute of America as a certified pastry chef. I have to admit that my passion for cakes grew purely out of a never satisfied sweet tooth! I had to start baking early on (I was about 4!) to keep up with it!

    My biggest suggestion to all of you brides and grooms to be is don’t try to please everyone else! 

So many couples come to me and have concerns about what all of the guests will like. This day is about YOUR love celebration and sharing it with all those you care about. There will always be someone out there who doesn’t like something.

Do things your way and you won’t have regrets later, it is YOUR wedding day!

Our job here is to serve YOU. We want our clients to leave the session feeling unique and special.


    A wedding cake is the centerpiece of your reception. You can match the rest of your wedding theme or break out and do something completely avant-garde!  Your wedding cake booking should be relaxing and fun. Usually the grooms love to attend this part of the wedding planning and I love to observe them as they eagerly wait until it is the “time to taste the samples part” of our session.  (Guys, I apologize, but my tasting & design sessions usually take about 2 hours!)


  Your cake should be both luxurious to behold and heavenly to eat.

  There is no greater compliment to a bride than when years after her wedding people are still raving about the cake!


Cakes in Art Favorite Flavors to try:

  1. The Chocolate Truffle Kiss Torte(all of our chocolate is imported),
  2. Lemon Curd with Raspberry Coulis
  3. The French Vanilla Éclair with Dulce de Leche.


Thank you for guest blogging Karen!!

Thank You So Much For Reading My Blog And I Can't Wait To Have You Back Next Week! In The Meantime, Feel Free To Check Out Last Week's Blog Posts!



      Thanks for having us Natalie Jayne!