The Romantic Veil Effect Photo Recipe

The veil is one my favorite parts of any brides outfit for photos. The versatility that it can bring to any photo is a perfect go-to on wedding day. The veil can be a great way to also hide the location you're in or even show a variety in the brides photos. It can create depth when used from one side, act as a leading line, create a foggy effect like below, and make closeness between a bride and groom. It creates more romantic portraits and can soften grain on film. It's true that not all brides choose to wear veils. Don't let that get in the way of your dream shot...after all, this photo wasn't actually taken through a veil! It was taken through part of the lace on the bottom of her dress. The same effect can be created by using the lace on a veil, but I had to get a little bit creative!

So here is the recipe to capture this specific photo and it's really simple:

Lace being held by the bride. In this case it was a heavy piece of lace aka her dress, so it made it more difficult to hide her hands that were holding up the fabric. Usually you would be using the veil which is a lot lighter and either you or your second shooter can hold up.

Even lighting. This one isn't on the super important list, but for this photo we stood where the "magical light" was hanging out on the edge of a shadow!

A compressed lens. For this photo I used my Carl Zeiss 80mm since I was using a Film Camera for this session.

Film. This is another not so important one, I could have also shot this with my Canon Mark III, but for this photo I used my medium format camera along with Porta 400 film!