Videographer or Filmmaker- Who to Use for Your Big Day.

 photo by Erika Lynn

photo by Erika Lynn

Hey guys!!!

I am so excited to be a guest on Natalie Jayne's blog series! Natalie is such a great friend to Erika (my girlfriend) and I, and I am so honored to get this opportunity!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Josh Medlin and I am a local destination wedding filmmaker and short film director based out of good ol’ Fredericksburg, VA! I do everything from, weddings, music videos, and small business promo videos, to writing and directing my very own narrative short films. Now, you might have noticed that when I referred to my wedding work, I called myself a “Wedding Filmmaker” instead of a Videographer, and that’s actually what this blog is going to be about today!

First off, before I say anything more, I just want to say that I am in no way trying to disparage or slander “videographers”! Every creative roll has it’s place in the wedding industry, and my only purpose for this blog is to point out the differences between the two. I am not here to say one is better than the other, rather just compare the two so that you can decide which one you would want for your wedding! So, what do I mean when I call myself a Filmmaker? In order to best explain what I mean by this term I would like to break down the differences and compare them

side by side.

The main thing that I have found different between the two parties, is their over all purpose behind their films.

Videographers are most often hired to record as much of the day as possible! This goes back to wedding and event video industries conception, and is a very traditional approach to video. This means their shots will be designed to capture more, their lenses will be wider in order to capture more, and their final cuts to their films will be typically a lot longer and a lot less stylized than a filmmaker’s.

Like I said above, this is NOT a bad thing.

If you are a client that is looking for a really long film, that captures as much of your day as possible, then a videographer is the option for you! The demand for the film to be longer, and to capture more footage, naturally leads the pacing and over all aesthetic of the videographers film to be a lot less polished and cinematic as the filmmaker’s.

  With videographers it is not uncommon to have the final event film be anywhere from 15-30 minutes plus in length. Whereas with a filmmaker, the average event video for something such as a wedding is somewhere in the ballpark of 4-6 minutes in length. I know that might seem really short given the videographers approach to a wedding video, but let me explain it from the filmmakers perspective.

 Natalie Jayne Photography

Natalie Jayne Photography


When you hire a filmmaker to cover your wedding they are almost 100% concerned with telling the story of that day or the couple

, rather than how long the said film is.

With a filmmaker you will find the lenses they use will be much narrower, and the depth of field is a lot more shallow, in order to direct the viewers eyes in a certain direction or to a certain object, to make them feel a certain way. Filmmakers also typically come from a different background than the videographer, they get their experience from making short film, and telling stories cinematically and theatrically. 

This causes the priorities of the filmmaker to be centered around the artistry, the story, and emotion of the film.

This forces them to be a lot more conservative about what they film on the wedding day, the whole time keeping in mind the larger narrative of the couple, only capturing what best tells their story. With a film created by a filmmaker, every shot is composed and carefully selected in order to tell the over all story, thus the films reduction in length. By the end of editing when the film is presented to the client, a filmmakers film should resemble that of a short film rather than just event video coverage.

 Natalie Jayne Photography

Natalie Jayne Photography


So, in summary, there is no right or wrong in the decision between these two very different video production options! Evaluating your needs for whatever your event may be, and deciding which of the two is the right option for you! The videographer tends to be more cut and dry, and is the most traditional approach to video production. You will receive a longer video, and most coverage of your event. If you are looking for a more romantic, and stylized cinematic film, and don’t mind sacrificing length for the emotion of a filmmakers film, then that is most likely the best option for you! I hope this information has been helpful to any couples out there trying to decide on who to choose for your wedding video! It has been a pleasure being able to be on this blog today, I hope you all have a great week!



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