I am a hybrid photographer, which means that I shoot both film and digital! I love film’s classic look, warm colors and the ability to make even the most simple moments feel beautiful and timeless. I also love the quickness of digital and its ability to capture candid moments, so I get the best of both worlds when shooting both. All rolls of film are sent to a professional lab in Oregon to be developed and scanned. All images, including film photos, are delivered digitally as jpegs on an online cloud gallery.

Do you shoot just film or digital as well? How do we get our film photos back?


The exact amount varies from wedding to wedding based on a lot of variables, but I typically deliver about 70-100 images per hour that I shoot. I offer printing services as well if you’re looking to purchase direct, but your online gallery will come loaded with fully-edited high resolution images you can print anywhere. Although, I suggest to avoid using places like CVS and Walmart. You’re also welcome to share your wedding photos on social media!

how many photos do your galleries typically include and can we print the photos ourselves?


I’ve been in front of the camera before, and knowing what to wear can feel impossible! I'm here to help you. Upon booking, you will receive a ton of content to help you dress your best for our time together. Also, feel free to check out The Journal for tons of advice - just for you.

I need guidance...what should we wear for our session?


That is totally dependent on your day and what you envision. Upon booking we work together to figure out what would be best for your day, but I typically suggest an 8 hour minimum to receive a well-rounded gallery. As a reference, 12 hours is my booking maximum due to quality control of my work and not to mention... exhaustion! PS. I also have a timeline goodie at the bottom of this page.

PLEASE HELP! How many hours of coverage do I need for my big day?


To reserve your wedding date, we will need a completed contract signed by you and your plus one and a 40% non-refundable retainer. The remaining balance will be due 3 weeks before the wedding.

how much is our retainer to book our date?


For portrait session, It’s simple and easy to navigate planning a new date! I would hate for the weather to be wrong, so I typically wait until the night before our session to reschedule. This ensures we have the most accurate weather updates. For a rainy wedding day, I suggest that you prepare for it to rain right away and always assume bad weather will happen! Clear umbrellas are always a good idea for the bridal party if it rains.

what happens if there’s inclement weather the day of our shoot?


Timelines. They are one of the most important parts of planning your day, and I’m here to help! I created a free guide just for this exact topic that covers all of my timeline secrets (which you can see at the bottom of any page on my site). Also, so you can see REAL examples of wedding days, I will send over two example timelines (with and without first look) upon booking to help you achieve the perfect timeline. 

timelines confuse me...How can I make sure I’m planning my day to have an awesome timeline that allows for an incredible gallery?


Depending on the distance of your wedding day, a hotel room may be required for my second shooter and myself the night after your wedding. If it is a destination wedding an additional night may be required the night before your day as well for my second shooter and I.

we want to make sure you are well-rested and don’t have to drive home after a really long day working our wedding. Do we book you a hotel for our wedding?


YES!! I'm so excited to chat with you. When you inquire, just let me know this is something you’re interested in setting up and I will send you some times that I am available to chat as soon as I can! Most phone calls are scheduled one day - one week in advance. 

we love you and your work. we’d love to meet you via phone call. Can we setup a time to chat with you this week?


Still have questions? INQUIRE

I enjoy western style that tends to be more about the emotion of the photograph which typically comes from quick shooting and capturing a split second. I'm also inspired but the meticulous workings of film photographers who consider each and every shot carefully, almost as if they are composing a work of art. I really enjoy the quietness and peace that I find behind my film camera. I'm not loud and excited like I am with my digital, I'm more still in my moments of shooting- which I love. I once had a client tell me I was the perfect balance of photojournalistic and fine art.
So, I guess I like to say I'm that balance, so let's call it Artistic photojournalistic imagery.

so, what's your style? How would you describe your photography style?


I have a huge heart for traveling to new landscapes. I'm truly inspired by the earth and it’s beauty, so I will go just about anywhere with you. My packages include travel for local weddings, but if your wedding is over 100 miles away some additional travel costs may be included depending on the distance. This could include things such as mileage travel fees, flights, rental car (for extremely far destinations) and hotel stay. Quotes available upon inquiry.

HOW FAR are you willing to travel for my wedding and are there any additional costs involved with travel that I should be aware of?


My timeline secrets to achieving the perfect wedding day. What makes wedding timelines run behind time and time again & how to avoid these common mistakes.


stress-free timeline

free guide


    My timeline secrets to achieving the perfect wedding day. What makes wedding timelines run behind time and time again & how to avoid these common mistakes.


    stress-free timeline