Virginia Wedding Photographer, Artist, & Storyteller 


I’m Natalie Jayne, a Virginia wedding photographer based in Charlottesville and Richmond. I believe in capturing the well thought out details that represent your wedding vision, but more importantly, the moments with your family members to cherish. I create images of your moments, details, and your loved ones through the eye of an artist.

You can typically find me in the rolling hills of Virginia when I’m not photographing weddings or working from a local coffee shop. You can also find me hiking in the Shenandoah Mountains, volunteering at a local animal shelter, dreaming up my next road trip, working toward my fitness goals, creating a new recipe in the kitchen, and traveling worldwide. 

Additionally; I pride myself in being one of a small handful of Richmond, VA wedding photographers who are formally trained, as well as self-taught—earning a BFA in Photography & Film from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Arts. 

from Inquiry
to gallery delivery

the process

step 1:

Inquiry & quote

following the initial email, a photography package fitted for your needs is created

step 2:

your experience

experience being in front of my camera as I capture your relationship before marriage

step 3:

gallery delivery

your wedding day is  captured through my eyes and delivered to your inbox & mailbox 



before you say hello,



I'm deeply and madly in love with my best friend, Brian.

The most genuine friend to everyone he knows. My sweetest soul, my forever dinner date -- always supportive, compassionate, empathetic, and the most hilarious travel buddy that I could ask for. My husband. I call him Bee. He is a pharmacist by day, but I think that he was born to teach. His old soul mixed with his gentle heart and outgoing personality, that fills my world with a lifetime of laughter, tear-jerking words, and awe-inspiring adventure, is irreplaceable. 


I grew up in a pocket-sized rural town in Virginia

I'm from a small rural town called King George. I grew up with horses, dogs, and chicken in a house across the street from from a peach tree farm where I would spend most of my time outdoors: camping, hiking, fishing, swimming in the river- you name it. I am so grateful for those experiences that taught me how to love the earth and everything it has to offer. I'm now living in Virginia's Capitol with twelve times the population of my hometown and while I adore Richmond, my heart still craves wide open skies with bright stars and breathing in fresh air.


I like to feel the warm sun on my face and the cool grass between my toes

If you saw me walking around on a warm Virginia day, I would most likely be heading outside with headphones in hand and a camera in the other. To me, nature is humbling, healing, and forgiving like nothing else. Watching the trees sway in the wind and feeling the grass between my toes. I often travel to national parks on the West Coast to see the mountains for that experience, because there is nothing in the world that grounds me like the view of miles of mountain tops and feeling like I'm part of a bigger picture.