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Six Desk Must Haves when working from home | Direct Purchase Links

Apple Magic Keyboard

This is a must-have because I use a laptop stand now and essentially have turned my computer into a monitor. Having bad posture is something I’ve always struggled with at my desk so this is a game-changer! I love having this as part of my setup, so my neck doesn’t hurt.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

I love this mouse! I have seen a few people also using the tracking pad which is a great option as well. For me, the muscle memory is so great with a mouse. I am able to quickly move around the monitor! I also have a mousepad that I love and use this on! I also have my eye on a large mouse pad mat that does under your computer as well.

Loupedeck+ The Photo and Video Editing Console

This is one of my favorite editing tools that I own. At first, is quite an adjustment, but after a few uses, it saves oodles of time. I also love the ability to make micro-adjustments! I love my Loupedeck and tell everyone to invest! I wish I had known about this years before I purchased it.

Livho Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This is one of the 5 pairs of blue light glasses that I own and I love them! The reason I really love these is the clear frame. I wear prescription glasses normally, so seeing the frame doesn’t both me much, but it is really nice to not have anything obstructing your view!

Nulaxy Laptop Stand

If you buy anything from this list, buy this. It has SAVED me from neck pain that I have had for years. I’m only sad that I didn’t buy it way sooner. It isn’t great for being “compact” but I prefer having a sturdy stand that I can trust with my computer baby. Highly recommend!!

TIJN® Eyewear

Alleviates visual fatigue and discomfort from long periods of web surfing, gaming and working under fluorescent lights with UV protection and glare reduction

These are a more sturdy pair of blue light glasses that I wear daily. I have a black pair and love them! They have a ton of different styles. I would say If you are willing to invest, these are my go-to pair. The benefit of having these is they don’t have a strong yellow tint like most of my other blue light glasses. I am able to edit with them! They have a SLIGHTLY pink tone, so I always go back through my images to make sure nothing looks pink!

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