but now a-day's people call me
'Nat'! I'm a Salt Lake City born

based in Richmond, Virginia!  Most days you can find me on my laptop working, my feet kicked back in a hammock, or behind a camera! On my time off I love to hang out with my gal pals and my fiancรฉ, Tyler.

         Friendship is so important to
me and I'm so blessed to have such an amazing group of people surrounding me. I actually think my favorite part of being a photographer is
when I become friends with my clients.

         One more thing you should know
about me is that I'm passionate about trying new things!


          I love being adventurous and I CRAVE traveling whenever I am home too long! I'm currently saving up to travel the world with Tyler for my "5 year plan"! 

         I specialize in weddings + engagement sessions along with anniversary sessions & portrait sessions. I Use both digital & Film camera's during every session to capture 

         Lastly, I started my business in
January of 2014, & grew to love the art of film photography over the years.
The craft behind film & quality (reminds me SO much of a painting) never fail to blow me away. I find it to be inspiring every time I pick up my camera. 


I love a good love story,

and I would love to tell yours.

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Ride an Elephant
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Skydive in New Zealand
Camp on a small Island
Kayak through Greece caves
Swim in a waterfall
Spend a month in Iceland
Visit the Great Barrier Reef
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Donate my hair-locks of love
Marry my best friend
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Visit Alligators via air boat
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Swim with sharks
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Own my own business
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