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High School Sweethearts Anniversary in Spring Blossoms | Erika and Josh

Intimate Anniversary Session Pink spring blossoms Richmond Virginia by Natalie Jayne Photography

Who knew a giant pink tree like this even existed? These pink cherry blossoms in the spring are so magical and this session reminded me of just that. To answer your question – nope, this isn’t Washington D.C. This is actually RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. I swear. This whimsical spring anniversary session underneath the blooms has me feeling the warm sunshine and not to mention, romance.

This otherworldly session is oozing with all of the romance a girl’s heart could ever want. I’m so excited to be sharing them today!

Erika and Josh are an adorable photographer and videographer team, who happen to be husband and wife in real life. In other words, you’re going to be gushing when you see these two underneath the blooms of this giant pink tree. One of my favorite things about photographing these two is their genuine connection. I mean, this swoon-worthy session will speak for itself when you see it. Absolutely adored photographing this cherry blossom anniversary session.

Shoes: Christian Louboutin 

Session tip for couples:

One of the reasons this session is one of my favorites is because of the location! Having a unique location like this pink tree can take your session to another level of beautiful. During the session, I just kept looking through the lens thinking how incredible the location was. There are a lot of ways to find a location like this one, however I always suggest taking a photograph of any spot you find to be photo-worthy during day-to-day activities that you can go back and refer to. If you’re thinking about getting photos done but have no idea where to even start, you’d be surprised what your photographer can do to help you!

In addition, you’d also be surprised if I told you that you may have that perfect location in your back pocket! Think outside of the box. For example, what connections do you have? Have you ever been somewhere super gorgeous that you could return to for photos? Is there somewhere meaningful to you? In other words, is there somewhere you’ve been before with your significant other that would make sense for your session?

You should try to utilize your personal resources. After that, I always suggest feeling free to get creative. To clarify, I think it’s also okay to use inspiration from other sources such as Pinterest. However, make sure you use this an inspiration alone and don’t try to replicate it exactly! Replications almost never work.


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