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Client Management How I Keep Track Of Inquiries, Contracts, And More

Business Automation to Keep Track Of Inquiries, Contracts, And More

If you’re disorganized and frustrated in your business with client management, tasks, management, contracts, inquiries, maintenance, client experience, etc. even in the slightest, I want you to listen up. This is about to change your life and your business as you know it. 

I want to start by saying that I was that “unorganized business girl”. Forgetting essential tasks and letting the ball drop was unfortunately too common, until finding an incredible project management software called HoneyBook. I started implementing systems and consistency into my business and my life changed forever. Reshaping the world as I knew it.

What I’m about to throw your way stretches far beyond a management system. Prepare yourself for a new world filled with solutions to poor client experience. This is not a drill people. Client management is about to get sexy. (view all the reasons I love HoneyBook)

If you want your business and life to evolve and grow and be *hashtag* blessed, then read on my friend.


First, let me start off with a few pain points that I’ve found in the past. Especially when using other client management systems (or task management systems):


I. Organization errors

To say the least, systems in the past didn’t help me manage my business tasks well. I was constantly disorganized and often forgetting tasks- sound familiar? All the tools were there, but the overly-complex systems had me frozen. I found systems that created contracts for me and did a few of the key features that HoneyBook also has, but they only paled in comparison.

With past systems, I felt like it was so easy to double-book by accident and let my clients down or even forget about a session.  Let me tell you, if you don’t have the correct systems in place it is freaking hard to manage tasks.

Before HoneyBook I often just made lists because I was a “paper girl” (still am) but now I’m a HoneyBook girl. I now live in a wonderful place filled with templates, contact forms, pipelines, and proposals.


II. Confusing interface, and confusing everything really

Have you ever downloaded a system and you start using it and it is just NOT intuitive…at all? SAME. I’m going to preach that this was something I struggled with so much so when I found HoneyBook. I must have had POUNDS of weight lifted off my shoulder when I started using it and it was so user-friendly. The ease of use was astonishing. I watched ONE video on how to use it just to make sure I found all the features and set it up properly and BOOM, the rest was history.


III. Not portable

Guys. They have an app for all your client management needs. WORLD CHANGED. You can keep up with your clients via phone. Need to check your schedule on the fly? They got you. I was used to having to go to my web browser and log in and it was CLUNKY, but this APP is simple and the layout is user-friendly. UH-MAZING.


IV. Didn’t integrate with other systems I was using

The real deal here is that HoneyBook connects with apps I am using. It connects with apps I didn’t even know I needed, which are now part of my client workflow, such as Calendly. It was super important when choosing a project management system to have something that connected with Google, and HoneyBook made me so excited when I found out not only will it connect with your email, but your calendar.

Not to mention you can connect it to your website and have the inquiries roll in directly into your system. *fireworks*


V. Customer service & community was non-existent

As someone in the customer service world, I want to admit that I have made a zillion mistakes, but customer service and community is so important to me. HoneyBook’s team is the exact opposite of any other system I’ve seen. I have talked to the team personally on many occasions and no matter what, I’ve been greeted with open arms and comfort.

If you have HoneyBook, then you know about the amazing team behind the name, and you know that community is their mission. Not to mention, they work hand-in-hand with Rising Tide Society, one of my favorite organizations. They’re dedicated to empowering and educating creative entrepreneurs and even host a monthly meeting. Make sure to check them out to see if there is a TuesdaysTogether group near you! They’re always excited to welcome you to give you resources and opportunities to grow your business.

This is just one of the many reasons I love HoneyBook.

VI. Was shaped for big businesses and had a ton of unnecessary features

If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably used a few client management systems and you’re all… “what the heck am I even looking at?”. S A M E. I seriously hate nothing more than having these insane features at my disposal that I will never use. Not in a million years.

For instance, I can honestly say that I use 90%+ of HoneyBook features, 30%-50% of which I use daily. It’s the perfect balance for a self-run business. While a big business could run on this system, I like the ability to also run a small business that *isn’t confusing* and I’m proud to say it runs Natalie Jayne Photography. I even run my EMPLOYEE system through this creative management system.

I can go on and on about how HoneyBook can change your life, but you have to see it to believe it.

P.S. Even after having HoneyBook for over two years, I realized I wasn’t using it for all of its key features. It has so many amazing options for its users- life is forever changed. This system not only gave me better rapport with my clients, but it gave me the freedom and gift of TIME. Every good business owner knows that time is money (and joy), and this system allows you to get more done. It’s like having your own virtual assistant.

Honeybook features Client management system

Client management HoneyBook


Switching is a breeze

In other words, you have nothing to worry about. If you’re concerned about switching platforms and not getting the hang of it quickly like I was: HoneyBook had a 101 orientation that teaches you everything you need to know in half an hour. Talk about crazy fast. Not to mention the team member behind HoneyBook will onboard your contracts, questionnaires, and packages that already exist within your business.



I hear creative business owners telling me time and time again that they want so badly to invest in their business, but they can’t swing the cost. Now, investing in a business is the only way you’ll take leaps forward in my opinion, but it can be hard to let go of that hard earned cash and see the potential for return. So, there is a really special surprise for reading along… *drum roll*

To celebrate this life-changing management system, they’ve given Natalie Jayne website visitors a BEAUTIFUL 50% code and all you have to do is  click here for instant access!

Have a question about the system? Make sure to read HoneyBook’s FAQ pageWhen you join “you get full access to all HoneyBook features, free account setup and training, and world-class concierge support. Not done yet. Plus, there’s no limit to the number of projects you can create or team members you can add. Breathe. Also, we offer fraud protection and a 60-day money back guarantee. Oh, and there’s an app for that— you can access it all from our mobile app.” –HoneyBook 

I hope this helps!

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